The document that WILL MAKE YOU STAND OUT in an interview

Following my last blog, I want to show you a smart way to stand out from the crowd during the interview process. One way to do that is by creating a proposal document…

I actually got the idea from a relative who was conducting graduate interviews at a leading car manufacturer. Basically, during one interview a graduate candidate brought in an additional document to their CV and job specification. They brought a proposal document. But, what constitutes a proposal document you might ask?…

A proposal document contains information about the job role, company who are hiring, their history, candidate competencies and further questions the candidate has. It is formatted like a report and acts as a reference for the interviewer after the interview. But, what are the benefits to creating a proposal document?

  1. It makes you stand out and memorable in the mind of the interviewer.
  2. It shows the interviewer what your work looks like, acting as an indication to whether you meet their standards or not.
  3. It shows you are interested and have invested time into researching the company.
  4. You can constantly refer to it yourself throughout the interview and help structure the conversation.

The following link shows the template I recommend using for the proposal document: Proposal Document Template

If you want to get ahead of the game and make yourself employable, using a document like this will be worth every minute! Get the job!

Let me know your thoughts!


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